Top 10 Historical and Cultural Cities of Balkan


Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina will definitely satisfy your traveling needs. Sarajevo as a city represents a cultural diversity. You can find  four different places of worship  in the proximity of a few hundred meters. Furthermore, you can explore many other interesting architectural structures.

Among many amazing monuments , you can visit the lovely old town and the beautiful City hall  built in a pseudo-Moorish style. In addition, you can meet many friendly people and taste a  variety of great food and beverages. Notably, the prices in Sarajevo are also affordable and public transport is very cheap.

Travelling to Sarajevo during July will give you a chance to visit Sarajevo Film Festival. Moreover, if you want something completely different try to visit one of the many mountains around Sarajevo such as Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Igman or Ozren.


Going through Bosnia and Herzegovina or  Croatia you should visit  Mostar, one of the most beautiful small towns in Europe. First, you can explore the works of Ottoman and Austro Hungarian architecture. In addition,  be sure to visit many festivals, nature sites and historical monuments . One of them being  Old Bridge, makes Mostar an interesting  place to visit.

The geographical position of Mostar makes it one of the best places to spend a few days before continuing your travel . With this in mind, it is also  very close to other interesting and big cities like Dubrovnik, Kotor, Sarajevo, Zagreb etc.


Zagreb, the capital of Croatia is located right in the foothill of mountain Medvednica. Important to realize is that describing Zagreb in only few sentences would be an impossible task.  Austro-Hungarian architecture, historic Upper town and The Zagreb Botanical Garden  are just the few of  attributes it has to offer. This city is a cultural center of this region and its historical and cultural heritage speaks for itself.

From the farmer’s market ”Dolac” to the wide choice of museums, Zagreb is a destination to put on your list.


Wild nature and medieval architecture are the first two things that come to mind when mentioning this town. The fact that Kotor is on the World Heritage list is equally important. In addition, it was built in the shape of a maze in order to defend itself from attacking armies. Therefore  it is very easy even for locals to get confused around the streets of Kotor.

”Cathedral of Saint Tryphon” along with the isles ”Sveti Djordje” and ”Our Lady of of the Rocks”  located near small coastal town Perast,  are also among the must see destinations of Kotor.

Together with Budva and Tuzi, the city hosted the (FECC) World Carnival City Congress in May 2009.

If you find yourself in Kotor simply climb on a fortress wall and enjoy the breathtaking view.


This Adriatic pearl has been attracting visitors for centuries. The old town, Adriatic sea, and the mountain Srđ blend into a perfect mix that make Dubrovnik a wonderful destination.  Equally important is the magnificent fortress from the 14th century with a 2 kilometers long wall that protects this huge settlement from the sea. Coupled with various festivals, mediterian food, streets full of people and beautiful Adriatic sea it is sure to leave you speechless. If you happen to be a ”Game of Thrones” fan, be sure to keep an eye on many filming locations used for the ”King’s Landing”


Split is known as the biggest city in Dalmatia , and it is one of the most beautiful ones for sure. It is well known for the palace dedicated to the Roman emperor Diocletian. Additionally, it  is a city with a rich football history and homeland  of many  famous athletes. It is particularly interesting to note that way back before Romans, the city was colonized by Greeks . It is situated between the eastern part of the Gulf of Kaštela and the Split Canal. This is surely a place worth visiting!


The main and largest city of Serbia is located at the rivermouths of the Sava and the Dunav. It has a population of about 1.3 million. Belgrade is well known for its night life. Therefore,  a multitude of clubs and bars with a vast music variety can be found easily. Be sure to visit Kalemegdan fortress, National Museum, National Theatre and the big Kneza Mihajla street.  If you are craving for historical sites then visit  the Museum of Yugoslav History.


Ohrid is a town in southeastern Macedonia on the shores of Lake Ohrid. Because of its rich history, UNESCO has put it on the list of world heritage. It is situated between the huge mountains and three million years old lakes. With this in mind, it is a place of huge historical importance and natural beauty.  First, you should visit the church of St. Sophia and the picturesque church of St. Jovan Kane. In addition for history lovers, there is also a beautiful historical fort on the top of the city.


Located in the center of the Montenegrian coast, this Monte Carlo style destination has developed around a small peninsula. Rich nightlife, luxury resorts, and many beautiful beaches are the reason why mass tourism has evolved. Sometimes, people may find this type of tourism repulsive. However, they can enjoy  in the  Old Town, cafes, minibars, restaurants and beaches around the city. If you like to dance and go out to have fun, visit Top Hill, the best club in Montenegro.


This tiny jewel with about 270 thousand inhabitants is the main and the largest city of Slovenia. Rijeka Ljubljanica flows through the city center, passing by baroque buildings and an ancient castle on the hill. It is notable to mention that the atmosphere of this city is very pleasant and relaxed. You can walk through parks and go to the old town to experience the historical values of this gem.


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