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Kotor’s old city is like a smaller, slightly scruffier version of Dubrovnik, tucked away in a remote corner of Boka Kotorska bay, under the shadow of the limestone cliffs of Mt. Lovćen. It was founded before the time of Homer and has been a prize for conquering civilisations ever since. Its hey day was during the Nemanjić dynasty of 1185-1371.

The best way to experience the old town is to lose yourself in its narrow cobbled streets. Begin your adventure at the Sea Gate, just off the bay, which has been the main entrance since 1555. If you work your way clockwise you will see most of the main sights including Arms Square, Flour Square, the Maritime Museum and the square housing the Churches of St. Luke and St. Nikola. Turn left, and you will be right back where you started.

Within the walls, the city is criss-crossed with narrow streets and squares, each boasting charming restaurants and cafés and artisan shops. Each corner turned reveals a reminder of the city’s long, illustrious past: the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, built in Roman times; the Church of Saint Luke from the 13th century; the Prince’s Palace from the 17th century; and the Napoleon Theatre from the 19th century. The city has a rich calendar of carnivals and festivals that also add to its charm.

LocationEurope, Balkan Region
DurationTour Packages (4, 7, 10, 14 days)
Hotel5 stars